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We offer several great packages. First submit your resume to over 250 companies and businesses in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The premium service offers the best option if you want a quick and easy way to start working in the Cayman Islands 
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Finding the best Job in the Cayman Islands has never been easier. Get Cayman.Com provides the largest Meta Search Of Jobs in the Cayman Islands from recruiting companies, firms and other companies. You can also submit your resume here to several companies with our auto submitter.
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Cayman Jobs process explained:

Cayman job employment for expatriates is numerous in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands are known as a financial center, tax haven and very beautiful tourist tropical destination. The most common Cayman jobs is in the financial sector as a Mutual Fund Accountant, Account Manager, Financial Analyst and several credit and human resources positions. In order to get Cayman jobs and live and work in the Cayman Islands you must receive a valid work permit. The Cayman Islands Immigration Department imposes almost bear like regulations and procedures to ensure that Cayman nationals or Caymanians are chosen to fill all Cayman jobs before an expatriate is chosen to fill that position. There are many Cayman companies that deliver great services such as Bright Staff Cayman, Affinity Personnel, Baraud International and Hamilton Recruitment.

However GetCayman.Com will rival all these firms delivering the most useful Cayman jobs service online. Cayman jobs work permits take months to be approved which are why at most times a temporary work permit is granted. These permits take several months to be processed. Cayman jobs work permit is granted for a position with a specific Cayman company or employer. This limits the ability of anyone on a Cayman work permit issued by one company to be able to work for another Cayman company or organization. The Cayman immigration will not grant an employer a work permits for a Cayman job unless the incumbent is professionally accredited or very qualified in a specific area or line of work.

Finding Cayman jobs is actually difficult as most firms advertise any and every available position because this is a prerequisite for work permit application or before the Cayman jobs work permit comes up for renewal. By reading local newspapers individuals looking for a Cayman job would be misled as Cayman companies actually must advertise before a work permit renewal despite someone is working in that position already. Hence many of the positions are actually in lien of a prospective Cayman jobs work permit application or the renewal process. This is why using GetCayman.Com is possibly the most powerful online resource when trying to look for Cayman Jobs. As a Meta search engine it provides the best jobs in over 60 websites.

Relocating To Cayman:

Relocating to the Cayman Islands when pursuing Cayman Jobs can be very exciting. However before you relocate to the island you must know exactly what to carry and what not to carry to the islands especially when you get a job for the first time. Get Cayman.Com will focus on what you should carry to the Cayman Islands when first relocating. Most homes in the Cayman Islands being rented are equipped with basic fittings, furniture and appliances. Hence you should only carry sheets, pillows and personal items.

Personal items when coming for your first Cayman job -

Personal Electrical Appliances Shaver etc.

Pets Allowed under several circumstances.

TV Not necessary as most apartments have a television

Computers Laptops are best used however its best to ship the CPU and buy a monitor on the island.

Medication Most medicines are available in the Cayman Islands however it might be best to carry a full dosage of your personal prescribed medication then search for it in local pharmacies.

Clothing Carry as much clothing as is possible as shopping is very expensive in the Cayman Islands.     BACK TO TOP

Types of Cayman Companies:

Learn about the types of company you can establish in the Cayman Islands if you are thinking of opening a second office outside your country.

The foundation for the financial industry and company registration in the Cayman Islands has continued to undergo continuous expansion having more than eight thousand businesses registering within a normal year. The types of Cayman Companies which an investor could establish on this island include resident, non-resident, exempted or foreign companies.

It is mandatory that all the companies become registered under all the laws, there is the Insurance Law, the Banks and Trust Companies Law, the Companies management law and Mutual Funds Law, all of which was revised in the year 2001 and should likewise be registered with Cayman Registry of Companies.

Any corporation wanting to invest in the Cayman Islands, for instance in real estate, retail trading, restaurants, hotel operation, shipping or even maintenance services, should acquire the required license based on the law for Local Companies. In cases where lower than sixty percent of the actual collateral will be owned by a Caymanian, it is required that enough documents is provided that would be enough to convince the Trade and Business Licensing Board that there is really a need for this service.

Types of Cayman Companies and Registration fees
Exempted Companies
When a proposed activity of a company would mainly be done outside of the island, the persons in authority can easily put in a request for the company to be registered as exempted. If you are not aware about what this company would entail, then the following will give you an idea:

This company needs to be registered just as the non-resident or resident companies with its records open for inspection by the public
They are required to keep annual meetings, just like the non-resident and resident companies, however this has to be held by the directors on the Board at the very least one time for a year in Cayman.

Then, there is also the registration fee and the annual fee
Resident Companies
The resident companies should sustain a registered business office, which would be open for inspection by the public, as well as a record of the present and past members of the organization. It is also a requirement of them to report each year to the Registrar of Companies and provide the contact details of the directors, members and any amount that is paid for capital. If you want to invest in one of these companies, you will be required to pay a registration fee, plus a yearly fee.

Non-Resident Companies
Then, there is the non-resident company which is a substitute for the exempted companies. These companies should also keep registered business office which would be inspected by the public, as well as a record for all members. In addition, they are expected to send annual reports to the Registrar of Companies with the contact details of all members and directors, as well as the amount that would be paid for capital.

This company might do business in shares associated with exempted businesses, partnerships and foreign corporations. However, they could basically hold some other company within the Cayman Islands, which would be required for the advancement of their overseas company. A non-resident company must also pay a fee to get registered and pay a continuous fee each year.